Connie Di Michele


Connie Di Michele

Connie Di Michele

ABOUT Connie

With over 15 years as an entrepreneur and small business owner, Connie is passionate about helping clients achieve their investment and real-estate goals. She has a natural ability to connect with people honestly and places customer service as a top priority. 


A mortgage is more than just rates, and Connie goes the extra mile to fully understand her client’s needs, obtaining the best possible terms that offer flexibility in the future. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or a new investment property, refinancing or consolidating debt, you’ll gain insight into solutions you may not realize are available. 

I chose bespoke because i immediately felt welcome even before i had made the decision to be a part of the bespoke family.  They answered all my questions, they were punctual, organized and personable, I knew this was the team for me. 

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